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List of the script features and what to do:

The Project

Working features list:

  • Can be switched on or off (default) by the website user at any time.
  • A coockie will store the on/off status to be used in future sessions.
  • When turned on the available glossary text will be highlighted onmouseover.
  • The on/off status changes are informed by dialogs.
  • The script is provided with full available documentation and use instructions.
  • Easy to understand and set html based database.
  • Database partially protected from resources stolen.*
  • A single location to set-up most of the environment variables (main .js file header section).
  • Working test page to test your installation before modify your own html.
  • A single security test page to verify the database protection.
  • Preview of "Request a word to be in glossary" feature (needs form validation, but can be used).
  • On the fly skin selection
  • Skin installation folder and skins configuration file
  • Works propertly in IE5 or newer (only remotelly because of database security check).
  • Partially works on Mozilla, Firefox, Konqueror and Quanta+ (only remotelly because of database security check).

What to do:

  • Easy the script configuration process.
  • Implement the non-user created databases (available words and relationships lists).
  • Automate the non-user databases creation.
  • Automate the alphabetically grouped pages creation.
  • Better the skin options support.
  • Complete the "request a word to be in glossary" feature.
  • Implement the in text glossary word recognition in the parent window.
  • Translate the script and documentation to other languages, including pt-br
  • Get working without close glossary window every time.**
  • Better documentation.
  • Implement language selection feature. (removed from planned features)***
  • Make a local database configuration feature to automate the creation process****
  • Port the script to work correctly in other web browsers.


At now it is necessary to the webmaster to manually personalize the glossary graphics to achieve his dreams layout. The databases creation must be manually set too, but it get easier to do it. The database creation will probably ever been manual task because of the personal nature of this process (you include your own words and explanations), but it may be usefull if the alphabetical groups pages can be created and updated with some type of tool, locally at the webmaster's workstation. The database creation process is simple to understand and achieve, but its maintenance and creation can get hard to accomplish if you put too much words in the databases and needs to goup, index and link the info manually. An automatic indexing tool for the databases will be needed, but javascript may be insuficient to fully accomplish this task. With javascript it may be possible only to make a gerenate, copy and paste content to file app.

There are partially shared variables implementation at now. This way, some script settings may be done at the specific target file on its own global variables declarations. It will be usefull if more variables can be set at only one place in order to easy the configuration process.

* The script is now able to recognize if it is being loaded from your own server. This protection is intended not to prevent copying of your files, like a pdf replacement or something able to protect your copyrights. It is intended only to prevent your webserver resources exploitation by direct link to the script or to the database files, without pass through your website content. I'm sure your main interest is to attract users to your main website content, and not to provide an on-line glossary service. More detailed info on this feature, its workings and objective in the released documentation.

** The script is bug and will sometimes stop working in any browser, including IE, if you use an alternative code implementation. With the default code it works fine with IE all the time, but the main glossary window will be automatically closed every time you click in a new glossary word on your words list or ready text. It causes the glossary window to know its last location before closing, to make the app feel a little better. Unfortunatelly I could not implement this position memory at now and the glossary window is oppened every time at the (0,0) position. The alternative code try to fix this issue, but it is not working correctly.

*** The language selection feature was removed from the skedule! Due to the nature of this app, a glossary, the language selection feature is not so usefull. To implement such a feature is necessary to translate your entire database too, and it will create confusion on the indexed pages. I will try to provide actualizad Portuguese and English languaves versions of this script, but I need free help with the translations. Contact at the Source Forge project's page. Any third part provided material must be released under the W3C license.

**** May be usefull if we get a local websmater's workstation app to automatically generate or re-index the database files. Although in this release is much easier to index and config the database, this is still a boring procedure. The actual process may not get much better after the actual modifications, but with the use of relationship files it will be really necessary some type of config app. I'm considering Java for local and PHP for remote.

A more detailed info on what to do and on the script features can be found in the script documentation.

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